Advantages of a correctly isolated house

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Advantages of a correctly isolated house

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Today it is very important to keep a correct airtight of  a house. This has heavy repercussions on the whole house and on the well-being of who lives inside it. Moreover, people have become more interested in energy saving in these last years than in the past.
The change of air between inside and outside have to be controlled, this may be guaranteed through the use of a fan system, should it be mechanical or manual.
The bad quality of the house is due to the presence of air flows through frames, to the presence of mould and to the energy loss.
Blower door test allow to verify the quality of the building, with the following advantages:

Cost savings in the use and management of the property

  • cost savings in heating. Almost 70% of energy costs of a family are due to heating;
  • increase the value of the building for a future gain;
  • considerable savings on the design phase

Verify  building’s quality

Blower door test verifies the quality of building in an efficient way to prevent the follow shortage:

  • condense and mould growing due to convection inside the building (only wood building);
  • excessive energy consumption for high heat loss;
  • no sound insulation  leading to excessive propagation of sound vibrations between adiacent spaces.

Blower door test is necessary to obtain the energy certification: energy class “A” CasaClima protocol, “NZEB” (near zero energy building) Passiv Haus protocol. It is also useful for building under construction. It allows to:

  • verify the compliance of the building envelope compared to the project data;
  • compare the air impermeability between similar buildings;
  • guarantee acoustic isolation;
  • prevent structural damage;
  • verify that the actual performance of the building matches to the project.

In order to obtain the energy certification for existing buildings (standard method  “A”) it is necessary to enumerate air changes. This brings to:

  • Localize air leakages,
  • Determine the reduction of air leakages after the restoration or replacement of windows and doors.

After the analysis of the obtained data, it may be possible to install devices that consent to:

  • A reduction of energy for heating with a considerable energy saving;
  • The improvement of air quality for people with allergies;
  • An increase in comfort and health of microclimate.