Company profile

A team of specialists with decades of experience

Company profile

A team of specialists with decades of experience

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Since 2004 SCANTEC gives a global service with careful checks to employ safety in the industry and energy saving in the buildings.

A Team of experts

A team of experts, with more ten years of experience, using advanced instrumentation, propose their services and skills to the most demanding customers.

Our Customers

SCANTEC with continued investments has become an approved society estimated by important multinational companies that found in SCANTEC their ideal partner to avoid heavy investments to maintain their plants.

Our services

Misura Campi elettromagnetici cem

Law requires careful monitoring of electro magnetic fields in places of work…

Valutazione radiazioni ottiche artificiali (ROA)

This argument is now of interest for health and safety for all citizens…

Interventi di prevenzione e protezione

Law imposes verifies of every risk in plant and also research in countermeasures…


Many companies are changing their maintenance work conception…

Blower door test

If we want analyse building’s insulation the solution is realize an Air Permeability Test…

Diagnosi energetica

Everywhere people speak about energy – saving and environmental impact…


Our customers rely on us to reduce their risks.