Determination of air permeability of buildings

Thermal performance of buildings: Blower door test

Determination of air permeability of buildings

Thermal performance of buildings: Blower door test

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Heat loss through uncontrolled air exchange by cracks, high variations in temperature between outside and inside, continuous working of ventilation system, all of this may be caused by poor air tightness of the building envelope.

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Air permeability may be controlled by generating a pressure difference that allows to verify if there are anomalous air flows due to unforeseen infiltrations.
Blower door test is the most effective method to verify airtightness of buildings in according with technical regulation UNI EN 13829 “Thermal Performance of Buildings. Determination of air permeability of buildings. Fan pressurization method”.

Blower door test

Building certification

Moreover from 1° February 2010 Blower door test is required to certify the building according to CasaClima standard for all building independently from energy class or type if construction.
SCANTEC uses professional equipment by recognized brands with particular accessories for any situation, moreover the technicians are expert to obtain data with maximum efficiency using technologized supports that simulate correct energy profile of the building. SCANTEC works in private and public sector to 25000 m3 buildings.

Today it is very important to keep a correct airtight of a house. This has heavy repercussions on the whole house and on the well-being of who lives inside it.

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The regulation (UNI 10877, ISO 14520, UNI EN 15004) provides the verification of integrity of the local fire-fighting system for both new and existing system.

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