The correct approach for plant maintenance

Surface irradiation through Thermography

The correct approach for plant maintenance

Surface irradiation through Thermography

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Thermography is a technique that allows the representation of irradiation values of any object or surface.

The surface temperature is investigated from considerable distance thanks by electronic sensors and a powerful software. Collected data are transformed in coloured images (thermal maps) with specific chromatic scales where every colour coincides with a specific temperature.

Thermography  in industry and in civil application is quite recent, only in the last years thermographic investigations are recognized as a useful technique to analyse these sectors.

Only expert technicians can use correctly these instruments: they must have specific skills and much experience in every sector of application.

SCANTEC provides skilled technicians in accordance with UNI-EN- ISO 9712 liv.1-2 e 3 with meaningful experiences in the following areas: industry, thermal engineering, construction.

SCANTEC uses professional thermographic equipment by recognized brands with particular accessories for any situation.

Termografia Infrarosso
Termografia Infrarosso

Industrial Thermography

SCANTEC performs services of electro-mechanical equipment in periodic monitoring  like:

  • Production plants
  • Devices and mechanical transmission components
  • Components that are subject to wear like: furnaces, dryers, etc..

Building Thermography

SCANTEC provides checks useful to:

  • Identify the source of the propagation of moisture in the walls
  • Quality of insulation
  • Searching of infiltration


Through the infrared survey it’s possible to detect a slight anomaly allowing a planning of efficient (both for time and money) upkeep…

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The thermographic analysis is an effective tool to verify the development of new products…

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Through thermographic analysis we can verify both production machinery and the finished product in order to show any anomalies in the production process or in the product itself

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SCANTEC has technical skills and professional tools to carry with impartiality of judgment verifications of defects present in construction industry.

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