EMF in industry

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EMF in industry

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Current legislation imposes to companies the risk assessment of workers arising from exposure to physical agents (electromagnetic fields).

This implies a significant attention to the sources and levels of electromagnetic fields generated by them.

In industry sources that emit electromagnetic fields can be:

  • Transformation cabins;
  • cabinets for power factor correction;
  • machines for gluing of wood and plastics;
  • induction heating for melting, welding and brazing, polymerization of the adhesives, hot forming, sintering of powders, metals or other mixtures;
  • dryers of ceramics;
  • melting furnaces;
  • microwave machines;
  • dielectric presses and dielectric vulcanization;
  • corrosion machines;
  • every machinery that absorbs high electric current with high tension (including PC, Wi-Fi, UPS and other equipment used in office).

In clinical environment there are equipment that emit possible magnetic fields useful to nurse patients but , the same equipment, can be dangerous to the workers that use them:

  • radiotherapy machines;
  • ultrasound medical therapy machine
  • tecar therapy machine
  • therapeutic lasers
  • radiotherapy machines
  • magnetic resonances


Assessment of compliance of values according to regulations in the presence of electromagnetic fields.

After a brief with the security responsible to verify entities and dislocation of sources we proceed with measurements and monitoring  (in order with existent technical regulations) following  the directives given by the company.

Time of measurement depends from the sources characteristics, they must be long enough to a correct assessment of the risk related to them.

Subsequently it is prepared a Technical Report for the Risk Assessment in which it is described the values observed during the measurement campaign.